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  • Peter Wiesner

Throne Speech Highlights

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

#CEWS extended through to the end of Summer 2021 per the speech from the throne.

Other need-to-knows are as follows: automatic tax return filing for simple returns (assuming under $20,000), #CEBA and #BCAP will be enhanced, and First-time Home Buyer incentive to be enhanced. This still all needs to be approved and potentially an election. 

OAS will be increased once individuals reach the age of 75. Higher CPP survivor benefits will also be available. The EI system will become the sole delivery mechanism for employment benefits, including for Canadians who did not qualify for EI before the pandemic.


  • “This is not the time for austerity.”

  • The government will continue developing a national universal pharma-care plan.

  • There will be large capital investments in environmentally-friendly renovations, affordable housing, high-speed Internet accessibility, and transit.

  • A commitment to eliminating chronic homelessness in Canada.

  • Carbon Tax will continue.

  • Single use plastics will be banned in 2021.

  • Environmental Protection Act will be updated.

  • A new Canada Water Agency will be created.

  • Increased civilian oversight on major components of the criminal system.

  • The government will make a significant, long-term, sustained investment to create a Canada-wide early learning and childcare system.

  • #CECRA rental relief is extended to September 2020. More details to be released soon.

These grand plans still will require a budget cost amount and be approved either by an election or with support of the NDP in the minority Parliament.  Stay tuned!

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